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Adams Machinery offers a wide range of capabilities to Adams Machineryaccommodate our customers’ needs. We have been providing our customers with un-compromising service and commitment to excellence for over 30 years. Our team can offer solutions and expertise in crane related projects. Whether through designing and building a new crane customized to meet individual needs or refurbishing and updating an existing machine. We have the capability to provide high level service at any scale. Our fabrication and alteration abilities, gives our customers more quality choices to fulfill their needs.

Used & Refurbished or New & Custom

If you’re looking to update an existing machine or acquire a new one we have the ability to meet each customer’s unique needs. In addition to having used machines on hand, we are able to assist our customers in locating cranes to fulfil their needs whether by brand preference or special characteristics. Our ability to use advancing technology and engineering expertise, Adams Machinery can transform an outdated machine into one that operates with the same precision and reliability of a new machine. The typical rebuild or refurbishment begins by stripping the proposed machine down to the bare frame and individual components. Each component is then disassembled, inspected and rebuilt to "as new" tolerances and specifications. Any engineered modifications are designed and installed to meet specific customer needs and operational parameters. Any and all antiquated control systems are completely removed, and new modern state-of-the-art control systems are designed and integrated with the mechanical components to provide infinitely variable speed & control of all crane functions. This new control system integration results in a smoothness of operation which was previous un-attainable. Why not buy a "NEW" one? Our engineering and supply vendors enable us to design, build, deliver and support new custom made cranes. Our vendor engineers have many, many years of experience in the design of specialized cranes and integration of control systems. Our crane designs meet or exceed ANSI B30.4. Our component suppliers provide top quality products that are judged to be the best available; gearing, cable drums, gear reducers, wire rope, brake assemblies, motors, electrical switchgear, etc. Buying quality components pays big dividends.

Dismantling & Transport

We are highly experienced in the dismantling, transportation and erection of heavy machinery, with a particular emphasis on cranes. Our team has the ability to quickly, carefully and efficiently dismantle equipment in a variety of settings and conditions. Once dismantled our Oversize / Overweight capable trucks will transport pieces to their desired destination and if requested, erect the machine to its previous state.

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